The Tortoise and the Hare

Image of a tortoise up close

The Tortoise & the Hare In any market analysis the competing effects of supply and demand, and the balance between these “facts of economic life” are what, over time, determines the direction of the market. Negative impacts on a market can be broadly sheeted back to oversupply, or falling demand, while the opposite would be […]

What lamb prices should we put in the budget?

Lambs in grassy paddock

As we head towards the end of the financial year, budgets are being constructed for 2020-21. We’ve had a few queries lately on what levels prices will be at for the coming year. Unfortunately for sheep producers, it looks like the stellar run of higher highs and higher lows might be coming to an end. […]

A sharper rebuild at cost of supply

Northern bos indicus cattle in yard

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) have updated their cattle industry projections for April, with the key factor being going from hoping for a break in the drought, to actually receiving some rain. The updated outlook suggests a faster herd rebuild, but it’s going to cost in terms of cattle supply for the next few years. […]

Wool supply, price and demand

Flock of sheep by the water

Sheep numbers are low (as the latest surveys and estimates point out) and from that wool production is also low in historical terms. It seems there is a line of thought which assumes logic of low wool production will underpin sustained higher prices (COVID-19 dips aside). This article suggests an alternative logic. Sheep numbers, wool […]