Trade lamb tumble comes early


East coast lamb prices tumbled fast and hard this week. With processors booked to capacity, low supply through the yards wasn’t enough to spur on competition between buyers. The demand just wasn’t there. The Eastern States Trade Lamb Indicator (ESTLI) dropped 81¢ or 9% in the last week. At 786¢/kg cwt, it’s now sitting 14% […]

Domestic market determined to hold

Northern cattle in yard Bos Indicus

Domestic cattle markets remain very strong. Saleyard prices have managed to again stave off downward pressure from export markets and a rising Australian dollar. The question is how long can they hold on? There was little change to supply in the last week of June. On the East Coast both slaughter and yardings were down […]

It ain’t over til it’s over?

grain silos

The wheat market has been in a solid downward pattern for the last two weeks as harvest began in the Northern Hemisphere. This has been helped by managed money (spec crowd) strengthening their bearish view of the market, increasing their short (sold) positions in the wheat markets. The International Grains Council (IGC) released their monthly […]

The ship steadies

Merino sheep in sunset

No one would be getting too excited about the wool sale results this week, however the slightly improved price outcome across almost all categories was a welcome relief after three weeks of falling markets. Despite the stable result this week, USD quotes for the 18 to 22 MPGs all continue to hold at the bottom […]