Supply up in the North

Another relatively subdued week for prices considering more cattle were on the move in the NSW and Queensland. Larger downside risk is still looming though, with US demand weakening and export prices continuing to soften. A big lift in yardings on the east coast saw a total of 56,414 cattle yarded for the week ending […]

Prices might be the only thing travelling south

Sheep in a yard

The disaster zone that was last weeks ovine market, is yet to be contained. We thought last week’s drop may have been enough to bring out some competition, but while the price falls have slowed, processors appear to be set in their requirements and did little to stop the market sliding further. The Eastern States […]

Good finish to a tough 3 months

Wool sheep in front of shed

The market almost breathed a sigh of relief this week as it arrived at the traditional winter recess with sales that ended with a positive note. While exporters are unlikely to be traveling to visit clients, a positive finish before a recess is always preferable for writing “new business” and negotiating opening bids when the […]

Disappointing yields help to lift prices

Close shot of a grain field

A week can be a long time in grain marketing. It won’t be the last time I mutter this under my breath as the seemingly obvious market trajectory is taken on a different course. This time it was the USDA’s June acreage report. Corn (and to a lesser extent wheat) acres came in significantly under […]