India a sweet destination for Barley?

Image of two arms holding beer bottle with sunset and crop in background

Since China imposed steep tariffs on Australian barley, the development of alternative markets has become significantly more important. India has been tipped as a possible sweet new export destination for Australian Barley, particularly malting barley, due to it’s sizable, and exponentially growing alcoholic beverages market. Today we look at how big that market is, its […]

Exports not feeling pandemic pain – yet

Cattle loading on a ramp

When discussing finished cattle prices in their latest beef industry projections released last week, Meat & Livestock Australia described the situation as an “uncertain, evolving and challenging scenario”. Which doesn’t exactly fill one with confidence heading into the spring. Luckily for those already in the game, a historically high heavy steer indicator means there is […]

Wool supply lower in July

Wool in bale bags

While demand, or a lack of demand, is driving the wool market lower, supply remains of interest. The gap between supply and demand has seen farmer stocks build, with this trend likely to continue at least for the first half of this season. This analysis takes a look at supply and its relationship to demand […]