US beef market holds steady

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Let’s look at the US 90CL indicator – a price measure that historically the Australian market has been reflective of. Latest available data for the 90CL price has it sitting at 677.5ac/kg, down 5 per cent on last year. The national cow indicator, at 494c/kg, is 19 per cent above year-ago levels. This puts the […]

21 micron price ratio to cotton

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With the 21 MPG down by 800 cents (about 45%) since January, it is timely to check again how merino wool is tracking in relation to other fibres. This article takes a look at the relationship between the 21 micron indicator and cotton prices. Wool prices, the market itself a group of related greasy wool […]

Mutton and lamb – commodity vs quality

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Both lamb and mutton prices have fallen in response to the Covid-19 crisis, but lamb has borne the brunt of the decline. There are a few reasons behind the tighter spread between lamb and mutton, but a driving force seems to be the cheap protein vs high value meat. There are a raft of stats […]