Heavy Steers and Vealers charge

Queensland cattle in yard

Yardings and slaughter are up and the EYCI climbed again. Heavy steers and vealers are charging ahead but the Australian dollar has stubbornly pushed higher, which is not an ideal situation for export prospects going forward. East coast yardings leapt forward week on week, with the largest market in the country, QLD leading the charge, […]

Fine wool & Cardings show life

Wool sheep moving through yards

In the search for some “green shoots” of price recovery in the wool market, the fine end of the clip (especially in Melbourne), and the Cardings (especially in Sydney) demonstrated modest recoveries this week. This was on the back of an reduced offering from last week by 12,600 bales, resulting in a low clearance of […]

US, China and Argentina – Welcome back volatility

Grain header harvesting a crop at dawn

Ripples from the Iowa ‘derecho’ storm that went through the other week are still being felt. The ProFarmer tour has recently been through the areas affected and the numbers coming out of there are pretty ugly. National corn conditions dropped another 5% to 64% good to excellent, with Iowa conditions dropping another 9% (19% in […]

Bouncing towards spring

Sheep and lambs

New season lambs are now fronting up in the south and are starting to dominate the yards. They were met with a more confident market this week with restocker lambs the hot commodity and driving a price bounce in all indicators. For the week ending the 21st of August, east coast lamb slaughter was back […]