Suckers stream into saleyards

Green grass and a mild winter across much of the east coast means new season lambs have been streaming into the saleyards for a month already, when their season is usually only just starting to kick off. Meat and Livestock Australia crunched the numbers and found there were 53 per cent more suckers sold at […]

Should we be holding young cattle at record prices?

Mixed young southern cattle

The current strong cattle prices may have many cattle producers and traders grappling with the question of “to sell” or “to hold” cattle in the paddock at the moment. With young cattle prices at record levels, and the Covid-19 pandemic looming large, the question is whether cattle should be sold now as stores, or taken […]

Apparel fibre price ranks

Wool in bale bags

In this article Mecardo has a look at the rolling five year price ranks for Merino wool against a range of other non-wool apparel fibres, to check whether merino prices are following the general flow of apparel fibres (which is normal) or going their own way. Percentile analysis of prices allows us to step back […]

Chick, Chick, Chick, SPLAT!

The reporting of pulses regarding supply, price & demand is far less than the major broad acre grains and oilseeds in Australia. In this article we begin to unpick the local situation and will follow up next week with an international perspective of markets. Chickpeas, just like most other crops this year have benefited from […]