Restockers pause and processors retreat

Cattle in a sale yard

Slaughter fell, while yardings increased this week, which had the normal result you’d expect to see on any market- decreased prices. The EYCI has fallen, and with it the price of processors and the fortunes of heavy steers reversed from last week’s spike. Restockers finally hesitated, but vealers held their ground. The good news is […]

Lamb market momentum holds

Group of black head sheep in paddock

Rising lamb prices is one trend we’re very pleased to see, no matter how out of character for the time of year. Last week’s price leap provided a much-needed spur of confidence that continued into the market, aided by lower supply. There was a clear straggler this week – Restocker Lambs. While all other categories […]

Balance of funds

Pouring of grain from above

The wheat market has continued its recent strength, climbing by around 20¢/bu for the week. The slow, incremental rises are a little perplexing at a time when a large Northern Hemisphere harvest is about 2/3’s complete. While there has been some retraction (EU27 and Argentina), the remaining big exporters’ crops (Russia, Aust, Canada) are building. […]

Market selective on quality

Sheep in a yard

On an increased offering, the market again failed to hold prices at the previous weeks levels. Price fell while the AUD, the bales offered and the pass-in rate all rose. Neither of these increases signify a good week for wool. It was another difficult week for the wool market, with demand unable to match the […]