Worldy desi chicks

Following on from last week’s article where we looked at chickpea production in Australia, we now look at this crop through an international market lens and consider the factors that influence our key export markets. In Australia, compared to the main broadacre crops like wheat and barley, Chickpeas are almost a speciality niche crop. Domestic […]

Extending restrictions to see a backlog build

A basic reading of the ‘Covid Roadmap’ tell us that livestock processor restrictions aren’t going to be lifted until at least late November. While the situation is obviously fluid, and could change tomorrow, under the current arrangement either there are going to be very few sheep killed, or we are going to build a serious […]

Cows may finally be coming home

Cows in pasture paddock

We’ve been waiting for the cows to come home – and stay home – for a while now. Ever since the east coast began to get some rain at the start of autumn, a significant rebuild of the Australian cattle herd has been on the cards. Breeding stock headed out the gate and to the […]

Climbing back out of a down cycle

With articles in the press about growers holding greasy stock for the medium term and brokers fielding enquiries from farmers about buying greasy wool, it is timely to look at the time it takes for wool prices to recover part of the previous down cycles. This builds on the article from earlier this week. Firstly, […]