Microns matter for merino cardings

Shorn wool fibres

Traditionally, fibre diameter is seen as of more importance to combing (longer) length wool. Micron premiums and discounts vary in response to changes in supply (as Mecardo often discusses) and demand. This article takes a look at the effect of fibre diameter on merino carding wool. In cardings the key specifications tend to be length, […]

Percentiles – September 2020

Percentiles with a background image of hay bales

Mecardo’s Percentiles update for September 2020. Click below to view the latest report Grains and oilseeds Sheep and lambs Cattle Wool Dairy Fuel   Percentiles are an important tool for assisting in the decision-making process. They can provide an indication of the range in which prices have moved and how much time they have spent at […]

Regional Rainfall Update August 2020

Clouds in sky

Mecardo’s regional rainfall update for August 2020. Click here to view the latest update This report highlights: Current season’s monthly rainfall trend  Last season’s monthly rainfall trend  Average monthly trend over 50 years  70% range in monthly rainfall over last 50 years 95% range  Rainfall within the 70% range would be considered reflective of a […]

Plenty of bean counting ahead

This week, we continue our coverage of the Australian pulse market by looking at Faba Beans, for which a 50% larger harvest than last year is expected. The Australian faba bean harvest for this year has been estimated by Pulses Australia to reach 480Kt, (figure 1). The lion’s share of the volume is due to […]

The need for beef

Aside from some weekly variation, domestic cattle prices are continuing their bullish run, with the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator trading 60 per cent higher than one year ago. Seemingly ignoring the global pandemic altogether, Australian cattle prices are being driven solely by supply and demand. And this equation is very much on the side of […]

What’s left for lambs?

As we approach three quarter time in 2020, we can run our regular analysis of what is left for lamb slaughter. We know the season will help dictate how many lambs are slaughtered in the last three months of the year, but it’s still worth taking a look at annual projections, and assessing what they […]