VIC COVID-19 processor restrictions ease for spring lamb rush

Sheep being herded by cattle dog

On Sunday, the VIC government announced that the COVID-19 workforce size restrictions on Victorian meat processors would be eased from a 67% limit to a 80%-90% capacity limit, but what does this mean in practice for the sheep industry? In this article we pull apart the new rules and regulations and translate them into what […]


Sheep walking through a gate

With both saleyard and over the hook lamb prices trending below year-ago levels, lamb producers that have yet to turn off suckers in the early flush are considering their options. With plenty of feed in front of them, is it better to cash in now and use the grass for other opportunities, avoiding the risk […]

La Niña to support cattle

Cattle of a flooded field

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) are due to update their ENSO outlook today, with the call on ‘La Nina’ highly anticipated. With weather systems having already delivered some La Nina like patterns, confirmation, as we move towards summer, would be a boon for cattle producers. Here we look at what past La Nina’s have meant […]

Minimal staple strength effect matches minimal staple length price effect

Last week Mecardo looked at the effect of staple strength on the price of Merino fleece, showing that discounts and premiums are trading at minimal levels. This week we look at the effect of staple length on price for Merino fleece in the current market. Staple length is a major determinant of the type of […]