Processors feel price pinch

The swings and roundabouts of the cattle market had processors feeling the price pinch this winter and there is little relief for them on the horizon. The last time we looked at this model, we predicted processor margins would tighten if favourable seasonal conditions played out and restockers entered the market. And so they have. […]

Lamb offtake in the Australian flock – a longer view

Sheep and lamb in a green paddock front on

Last month Mecardo looked at the relative price levels for wool and lamb, concluding that more non-merino lambs are likely to be produced next year. This article takes a long term look at the key driver of lamb production in Australia. Price is generally used as a proxy for profit, which is a function of […]

At least one more year of tight supply

The Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) September Sheep Industry Projections update was released last week. There were some minor tweaks, but the broader story remains the same. This year is going to be the low for flock and slaughter, but the supply fundamentals remain good for pricing. Winter lamb and sheep slaughter levels were lower […]