Supply and price effect with staple strength

Following articles about staple strength two weeks ago, a reader asked about seasonal patterns and whether there were any handy rules of thumb which could be used when selling low tensile strength wool. This article seeks to help answer this query. The first part of the question asked was about seasonal patterns of supply and […]

The little girl produces big yield and a quality question mark.

La Niña, Spanish for ‘the little girl’ brings plenty of rain and humid weather. While spring rain is good for crop supply, especially in southern cropping zones, wet weather on a ripe crop is not good for quality. This might be the year to take come cover on price spreads, if you can still get […]

Beef exports still dropping, but someone’s picking up the slack

Beef exports continued heading south for the month of September, in line with production, and it is likely to keep tracking lower for the rest of the year. September saw Australia send just 72,619 tonnes of beef overseas, the lowest monthly volume since January 2019. This was also just one tonne more than the closest […]

Lamb weights on a sumo sized trend.

2020 has delivered brilliant seasonal conditions for lamb producers across the country, with the break of the drought and consistent rainfall resulting on excellent feed production in the paddock. This is allowing lambs to be grown to high weights on pasture at comparatively low cost. We’re now seeing average carcase weights at slaughter reaching unprecedentedly […]