Broad Merino volumes on the rise

A sheep being sheared

The flip side to falling fine Merino volumes as a consequence of improved seasonal conditions is the increase in broad Merino micron production. This article takes a look at this trend. Supply trends in livestock based commodities tend to be slower moving than for the cropping industries. Wool in particular has slow moving trends as […]

Should we be trading heavier steers?

Multiple angus cattle

With young cattle prices reaching some extreme highs, plenty of feed about, and a La Niña forecast, there is plenty of thought going into what cattle are best to buy. We had a query last week on whether heavier feeder type cattle might be less risky than buying light ones, so we’ll have a look […]

What ewes owe you

Two farmers overlooking sheep in yard

Speculation about what the coming replacement ewe sale season will bring is not uncommon at this time of year. Looking back just a couple of years, conversations were around the magical number three being before ewe prices ($300 +). Then along came 2019 and despite crippling drought in many areas, the even more mystical number […]