Plenty of profit left in lamb

Flock of sheep in distance on green paddock

It’s peak sucker season in the east, and yet we are seeing few headlines about the returns they are achieving. Sure, after lamb prices broke a number of saleyard records last year despite the drought, it may be time for cattle to shine, with the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator hitting new highs again this week. […]

Corn market popping

Corn prices have rocketed steadily for the last six months by over 25%. This market is typically more stable and predictable, so what exactly has caused all the volatility and rapid rise that caught the market by surprise? In this article, we trace how corn futures got from $150 US/Mt at the start of the […]

It’s all up for lamb yardings from here

With spring rains there is plenty of grass up and down the east coast, and we saw some of the impacts last week. Growers still have the option of pulling supply back when prices ease – here we look at whether this can continue to support prices. With the lamb price rally coming to an […]

Merino micron and region wool supply

Wool in bale bags

Fibre diameter is a major, if variable, driver of value in Merino wool prices. In turn, fibre diameter is responsive to changes in seasonal conditions, which means the supply of different micron categories varies with rainfall, feeding into the balance between supply and demand which determines price. This article takes a look at fibre diameter […]