Restockers continue to fall, 90CL holds up.

Northern bos indicus cattle in yard

Slaughter fell again last week, but yardings picked up the pace in contrast, while the EYCI’s rise finally came to an end, pulling back a smidgen this week. Restocker prices have continued to plunge whilst heavy steers gave back some of the progress made last week. Yardings leaped up 12% from the week prior.  The […]

What’s it all about, WASDE?

The King is dead – Long live the King! The US election may be over, but I think the transition is going to be far from smooth. US equity markets have welcomed the result as have global currencies. Despite the election outcome, COVID is running rampant in the US, slowing the economy and weakening the […]

Flash flush in SA.

Lamb and sheep prices snuck higher this week and considering this was in step with increasing supplies to yards, tells the story of strong demand. Large numbers of new season lambs flowing in South Australia were welcomed into a stronger market, while Victoria’s spring flush is still biding time. Last week’s saleyard reports out of […]

Luck of the draw

Wool in store

Erratic was the word used by AWEX to describe the wool market this week. In a mirror image of last week, the market opened weaker on the back of increased volume. Selling on the first day this week was met with a 15% pass-in rate and encouraged grower withdrawals of wool, which then contributed to […]