South American herds stampede China.

South America represents one of Australia’s largest competitors on the world stage for beef exports, producing predominantly lean, grass-fed beef, which competes directly with us for common export markets, including China. Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay represent the most significant cattle producing nations in South America, and as a group are estimated to maintain a cattle […]

Urea market fed by the hand of India

Fertiliser spreading

As the rain in the east keeps coming and soil moisture profiles keep improving, our optimism for the next crop points to continued appetite for fertiliser. However, we’re not alone in that desire. When it comes to fertiliser consumption, Australia is just a mere drop in the global pool. There are other consumer countries, much […]

Extreme value ewes better investment than bank interest

Sheep in green hilly paddock

It seems like we have been writing about extreme breeding ewe values and whether they are worth the money for years now. And it continues this year, with records being set at annual first cross and Merino ewe sales. So here we go again. The last time we looked at this it was $440 per […]

Percentiles – November 2020

Percentiles with a background image of hay bales

Mecardo’s Percentiles update for November 2020. Click below to view the latest report Grains Oilseeds Sheep and lambs Cattle Wool Dairy Fuel Percentiles are an important tool for assisting in the decision-making process. They can provide an indication of the range in which prices have moved and how much time they have spent at varying levels. […]

Price volatility in apparel fibres

Merino sheep in front of gate

Following on from the article earlier this week which looked at price volatility for greasy wool prices, this article compares Merino price volatility to other apparel fibre price series. An explanation of the method used to define price volatility was given in the article published earlier this week (view article here). Wool prices tend to […]