All eyes on Aussie Production

Grain harvester combine work in field

Global markets remain a little choppy, ending the week virtually unchanged. Last week’s USDA report did little to support wheat under its own steam, but instead bolstered the corn and bean markets which are in turn adding support to wheat. The USDA did make note of the fact that excluding China, major exporter stocks were […]

Another EYCI record, and restockers return

Mixed young southern cattle

This week was one of small strengths, and yes, another record for the EYCI, with the restocker market recovering after several weeks of losses, and 90CL struggling upwards even against the pressure of a rising AUD. As expected for this time of year, yardings put on another surge as the weather has started getting warmer […]

Seasonal price records continue

Lamb supplies are close to levels of the same time last year, yet prices in the east continue to sit at a premium. To say demand for our limited supply of sheep is strong is an understatement. On a cents per kilo basis mutton, in some eastern states is even more expensive than lambs in […]

Offering, clearance & price all reduced

A sheep being sheared

Buyers became more selective with high VM wool and poorly prepared crossbred lots noted over the week as the most effected in a softer market. The market opened on Tuesday weaker but with grower resistance to accept the falling prices reflected in high pass-in rates, as well as further withdrawals of wool from sale, auctions […]