Paddock or plate, beef costs a pretty penny

It doesn’t matter where you are looking to buy beef, be it for the barbeque or to put back in the paddock, prices climbed for the June to September quarter. And the price divide between the two narrowed back to near record lows of just above 200 per cent. The retail beef price rose 57¢/kg […]

Price volatility in Australian farm commodity prices

wool shed

A comment from a journalist this week has prompted this article. The comment in the form of a question asked why wool prices were so volatile, in relation to other commodities. The wool industry does tend to beat itself up about price volatility, so this article compares merino wool price volatility to some other common […]

Regional rainfall update October 2020

Clouds in sky

Mecardo’s regional rainfall update for October 2020. Click here to view the latest update This report highlights: Current season’s monthly rainfall trend  Last season’s monthly rainfall trend  Average monthly trend over 50 years  70% range in monthly rainfall over last 50 years 95% range  Rainfall within the 70% range would be considered reflective of a […]

Managed money backs off from US wheat & corn

Speculative interest skulking in commodity futures markets can represent a volatility timebomb which has the potential to amplify price shocks created by market news, or cause strong rallies to fizzle prematurely as profits are taken. But how do we identify whether speculators have hit a market? The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC) releases a […]

Record restocker premiums but still something in it

Restocker lamb prices are booming, and its little wonder given the very expensive alternatives for eating excess feed. Last week saw the NSW Restocker Lamb Indicator premium to trade lambs hit a new record, and it prompted a look at trading margins. Figure 1 shows the NSW Restocker Indicator was last week over the magic […]