US no beef with high Aussie prices

Cattle in a yard

Australian cattle prices keep on keeping on and have been the most expensive in the world for the past five months. The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) is 172¢/kg above the US 90CL price, having reached a record premium of 180¢/kg at the start of November. And while the two price points do generally follow […]

Apparel fibre prices

Yarn thread

With the Merino market relatively steady in recent weeks, this section of the greasy wool market looks to be consolidating the gains made since recovering from cyclical lows made early this season. This article takes a look at what is happening in other apparel fibre and feedstock prices. The world of apparel fibres is both […]

More expensive lamb in Qatar means cheaper lambs here.

It’s not China producing headwinds for Australian agricultural exports this week, it is Qatar removing some tailwinds. In recent years Qatar’s subsidies have helped push the small Middle Eastern country to third on the ladder of Australian exports destinations, and the latest move might see some lamb looking for a new home. The headline on […]