Stronger, higher, the moon?

Cattle in a sale yard

The 2021 cattle markets have opened at a relaxed pace in terms of volume; however, prices have risen energetically, with the EYCI well and truly breaching the all-time record set in November 2020. This has possibly been spurred on by the eyewatering prices set in the weaner sales in the first week of the year. […]

From Russia with love

The wheat market is in chaos and it is due to political interference more than any fundamental issue. We know that wheat is riding the coattails of very tight corn and soybean stocks, and while there is solid demand for wheat, the global stocks do not lie. There is no shortage of wheat with much […]

Market adjusts after strong start

Lots of herded sheep in a pen

What a strong start to the new year for Sheepmeat! All categories of lamb and mutton set into 2021 much higher than where they left off at the end of the year we’d rather forget. While prices have since softened, low throughput and plenty of confidence has supported the strong opening. It typically takes a […]

Strong open for wool market

The positive sentiment over the summer wool sales recess translated into a strong open when wool sales resumed this week. Despite the Au$ continuing to strengthen, buyers stepped into the largest accumulated offering since March 2020. The Eastern Market Indicator lifted 15 cents for the week, to close at 1172¢. The AUD continued to rally […]