Australian wool exports to China – a successful partnership

The new year wool sales have opened, and again it is the dominance of China that is driving the early sales. This is no surprise as the trend of increased export volume (and value) to China has exhibited a consistent and sustained pattern. China wool demand will be the key element in the fortunes of […]

Restockers required

Sheep in green hilly paddock

Restocker lambs have opened the year as one of the hottest commodities, surging higher as producers, feeders and processors compete for whatever livestock they can afford – and hopefully make a profit on. Finishing last week at 946¢/kg, the national restocker indicator is close to 20 per cent higher than the same time last year, […]

Change in Merino micron curves driven by changes in supply

Mecardo has published quite a few articles on micron premiums and discounts in Merino prices, as it leads to substantial changes in relative prices and is related strongly to greasy wool production rather than change in demand along the supply chain which is much less transparent. In late October, Mecardo showed how the micron price […]

We can see the downside, but timing uncertain

Cattle in field looking forward

New records are being set for young cattle, while slaughter cattle are back close to the highs set last year. The most common question being asked now is ‘how long will it last?’ The answer, as always, is ‘it depends’, but we can get an idea of where prices might head when grass fever wanes. […]