Micron price curves in graphs

Sheep in Yard

The strength of fine merino prices in January have continued on their trend which began in mid-2019. The old saw says that a picture is worth a thousand words, so in this article we look at various micron curves in graphic form. Mecardo last looked at the merino micron price curve in depth recently in […]

14 micron re-visited

fine wool 14 micron closeup

Mecardo last looked at the 14 micron category in late 2017, concluding that supply was on the rise and price would be under downward pressure as a consequence. Now 14 micron supply is falling and price has been rising strongly, so it was thought timely to have another look at this category on the fine […]

Wheat and barley has found some demand

Grain harvester combine work in field

Rising international prices are being reflected in the local market. With harvest over we haven’t seen basis improve, but even the poor cousin barley has found some strength. Barley has hit an 8 month high, while wheat has also found a new high. Mecardo’s weekly market commentaries have been following the impact of the Russian […]

US cow price gap grows

Single cattle walking forwards in yards

As Australia’s second largest beef market in 2020, consuming 211,000 tonnes of our product for the year, the US remains a good indicator of what is to come in the Australian cattle market. And despite taking 16 per cent less Australian beef in 2020 – compared to 2019 – the beef export price for the […]