China loves Aussie lamb, if nothing else

Great wall of China surrounded by fog

Lamb export volumes bounced back in February, painting a much more positive picture than the January figures. With more than 21,000 tonnes shipped weight of Aussie lamb sent overseas, February totals were just 6 percent below the five-year average for the month, compared to January which was 33 percent below the average. Asia has emerged […]

Seasonality says cattle should get a bit cheaper in May

Cattle in a sale yard

With cattle markets at extraordinary levels, there are still plenty of questions as to how long they can last. Even with a herd at an extreme low, and prices at extreme highs, the pattern of supply should still show some sort of seasonality. Here we explore how this might impact prices over the coming months. […]

15 & 16 micron prices in relation to cashmere

cashmere goats

At the fine end of merino wool production cashmere prices are viewed with envious eyes by wool producers, although vicuna fibre is much more expensive (as it is much rarer). This article takes a look at the relationship between 15 and 16 micron wool prices with cashmere. Mecardo looked at the relationship between 16-micron wool […]