EYCI Ambles, Vealers rise.

Northern bos indicus cattle in yard

The EYCI has continued to show stagnation, staying on par with last week; most likely suppressed by a recovery in yarding’s, despite the support of continued low slaughter. The national indicators were a mixed bag, with only vealers and restockers winners; with the rest backtracking. As young cattle of any description are highly sought after, […]

Market pauses for breath

Field of green and gold wheat

A bearish theme pervaded the Ag markets for the past week on slow demand figures and an absence of any new bullish news. The US recorded a very lacklustre week of export demand, Russia upped its export outlook and forecast showers across Argentina has promised at least some respite. The Chinese New Year was always […]

Red to the east, green to the west

Sheep and lambs eating in a paddock

Eastern lamb markets continued to ease this week, with even restockers pulling back. However, It was a different story in the West where fairly widespread rain provided a boost of confidence and prices for all categories of lamb and sheep strengthened. East Coast lamb yardings responded to the slightly weaker prices of recent times by […]

Wool ends on a confident note

A sheep being sheared

While a comment that a market ended confidently for the week, without any real upward movement, might seem strange, the wool market’s recent strength alongside global uncertainty makes a steady result all the more significant. The three centres selling had mixed results, with Melbourne ending positive, while Sydney eased. The Eastern Market Indicator lifted 4¢ […]