Over the hooks or by the books

Cattle in saleyards with agents

When selling cattle, producers have the choice between booking a sale via the Auction channel, or ‘hooking’ direct to processors. We don’t know the exact numbers going over the hooks (OTH), but we can make an educated estimate from the data available. Today we take a look at the implied ratio of hooking to booking […]

World non-mulesed merino supply

Discussion of the supply of non-mulesed merino wool (for this article we will include both ceased mulesed and non-mulesed wool) in Australia tends to be centred about the Australian supply, as Australia is the dominant supplier of merino wool. This article takes a look at non-mulesed merino production by micron from an international perspective. Last […]

It’s confirmed 2019-20 was a cracker for sheep

Farmer surrounded by Merino sheep with house in background

The Agriculture Victoria Livestock Farm Monitor Project (LFMP) provides an annual insight into the profitability of Victorian Livestock Producers. The LFMP benchmarks a vast array of farm business data and allows regional and historical comparisons of livestock enterprise performance. Seasonal conditions varied widely in 2019-20, and this is reflected in average gross margins for lamb […]