Congestion in logistics, negative for pulse prices

Shipping container

Australia’s mammoth wheat and barley crop has freight and storage facilities straining under the load, with little room to spare. On top of this, shipping rates worldwide are at extreme levels, putting pressure on the ability of Australia to export minor crops such as pulses. This coupled with a COVID impacted economy, and weak demand […]

Lamb price steady as she goes

An unseasonal, but not unexpected, crop of summer finished lambs are currently being turned off from parts of NSW where feed was abundant. Now producers are looking forward, prioritising feed for breeding stock as the mornings turn brisk, or getting serious about putting in crops. So, it’s time for lambs to go, with lamb slaughter […]

Cattle gross margins ok, but better days ahead.

Hereford cattle in green paddock

Last week we looked at how sheep gross margins had fared in Victoria during the last financial year, and it was a very profitable time. Cattle producers also had a pretty good year in the areas where rainfall was good, but nothing like they are likely to be in 2020-21. The Victorian Livestock Farm Monitor […]

Quality schemes in the Australian wool industry

Merino's in green paddock

There is a range of quality/membership schemes officially listed with AWEX and therefore noted in sale catalogues in the Australian wool market. The Pareto principle holds for these schemes with four of them dominating the volume of accredited wool sold at sales this season. This article takes a look at the range of schemes and […]