Lamb exports March on

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Despite lagging behind the record highs of 2019/20, lamb exports are showing all the right signs so far in 2021, with continued demand from the two largest markets. Total lamb exports for quarter one of 2021 are down 20 per cent year-on-year, and they are 15% below the five-year average for that time period. However […]

Some positive movement in US Beef

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We have been saying for a while that export beef markets will need to rise to sustain current cattle prices when supply improves. It might be short-lived, but there are signs of improvement in the US beef market, which has dragged export values higher last week, and there might be more to come. Despite Covid-19 […]

A closer look at grower held wool stocks

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Since mid-2018, when apparel fibre prices peaked and started a down cycle, farmer greasy wool stocks have grown in Australia. An exact idea of the stock level is not available as farmers will have some wool on farm, and when wool does reach wool stores there is no official record of total wool held back […]