Fine merino price curves and discounts – longer term

merino sheep close up

The article on micron price curves and discounts for various types of merino wool published last week prompted a request from Uruguay for a longer term look at these facets of the greasy wool market. This article takes a look at the average curves and discounts for the past five years. One of the challenges […]

Spring drop calves pose a dilemma

Cattle in paddock

In January of this year, we reported that the price of 250 to 300kg Autumn drop steers at the Western Victorian weaner sales traded in the 530 to 570¢/Kg Liveweight (lwt) range. At the time, it was calculated as 33% higher than the previous high price posted in 2017. The calves dropped in the spring […]

Prices rising but basis falling

Low old crop stocks and uncertainty surrounding the potential of new season global wheat and corn stocks have seen hikes in international wheat futures over the last fortnight. Locally new crop prices have been on the rise, but despite wheat physical contracts being over $300 they don’t look like great selling at the moment. After […]