Put another rail on the bull pen

Brazil corn field

It is not uncommon at this time of year, that the commodity market starts to focus on (northern hemisphere) weather. We generally see this a couple of times during the year, predominantly between March/May as the winter wheat comes out of dormancy and when the row crops are sown, and again in Aug/Sept during the […]

EYCI strong against supply headwind

As expected, we saw another week where the EYCI rose to a new record high of 910.25¢/ kg cwt on Tuesday, but it couldn’t quite stay there, falling back to 906¢/kg cwt by the close of the week. This is most probably on the back of the long-overdue recovery that began last week in both […]

An unseasonal influx

sheep muster aerial shot

Lambs and sheep poured into yards last week in the east, with total throughput at levels rarely seen in April. Supply continued to pressure the market, with most price indicators losing more ground. A 66% week-on-week increase in lamb saleyard throughput in the east was the standout figure for this week. A total of 236,602 […]

Fine wool drives market higher

Wool clip on table

The strength of the market this week again can be sheeted home to the finer microns which dragged along the rest of the market to see almost all categories post gains. While the wool market in general is improving, it is the fine wool premiums that have come back to historic highs on the back […]