Philippines Pork shortage – can they handle the beef?

Beef dish Philippines

The Philippines hog herd had been decimated by African Swine Fever, putting pressure on pork prices within the country & increasing demand for imported beef. New government policy measures to encourage the importation of pork into the country stand to threaten what was a rapidly growing market for Australian beef exports. The Philippines has been […]

Apparel fibre prices


It is five months since Mecardo looked at the apparel fibre backdrop to the greasy wool market. It seems timely to check what is going in in the larger apparel fibre markets in order to provide some context for wool prices. To recap, the world of apparel fibres is both wide and complex. Various price […]

Canola futures discounted but still strong

Field of canola with a tree

Last week Mecardo looked at global oilseed markets and the rapid rise being seen in spot markets both internationally and locally. Those still holding old season Canola would be few and far between, it is new crop and further out where the interest in hedging lies. Many local growers are hesitant to hedge canola prices, […]