Tasty premiums for Wagyu available

Wagyu cattle are considered the world’s most desirable and expensive source of beef, with quality Australian ribeye steaks currently being advertised at upwards of $300 a kilo in the US. After suffering a major collapse between 2018 and 2019, Australian F1 Wagyu cattle premiums on AuctionsPlus have recovered to a level of 80% above the […]

How consumers can use cheap basis

Chicago board of trade

A fortnight ago we took a look at local wheat prices with the conclusion that they were good in absolute terms, but not in relative terms. The Australian wheat discount to Chicago values was at the weaker end of the spectrum, today we look at how to take advantage of this. Wheat is a global […]

16 micron and cashmere prices – an update

Market Asia Cashmere

Mecardo looked at fine merino and cashmere prices in April, concluding fine merino prices were in the middle of their range in relation to cashmere prices (neither cheap nor expensive) with room to rise. In light of the strong fine merino market this article checks out how fine merino prices are travelling in relation to […]

Red meat retail reaches record returns


Retail prices for red meat have climbed higher so far in 2021, but so have saleyard prices, limiting the spread between shopfront and farmgate returns. Beef and lamb both sold at record high levels for the first three months of 2021, but the price spread between the two staples grew to 22.5% a gap last […]