Seasonal price pattern for 19 micron

Wool on ground

Wool auctions go into a three week recess after the sales this week, recommencing in mid-August. Given the volatility in prices during the past two springs, after the mid-year recess, Mecardo looks at the seasonal price pattern. In January Mecardo looked at seasonal price patterns in the 21 MPG, showing there has been a consistent […]

Asia hungry for grainfed beef

cattle on feed

Australian grain-fed beef exports are on the rise, having increased by one third in the past decade. The biggest customer of Australian beef – Japan – makes up half of their Australian import volume with grainfed product. Australia’s beef export figures show how much more reliable the grainfed supply has been for our export markets […]

Global wheat down, but Australian production up.

Wheat field

Adjustments to US supply forecasts were the feature of the USDA’s July World Agriculture Supply & Demand Estimates (WASDE) report. The report adopts the June US acreage estimates, which made some small changes to S&D but the changes were largely in line with expectations. Wheat Australian wheat production for 2021/22 was increased by 1.5Mmt to […]

Expensive US lambs drive exports

Image of the USA flag

Lamb and mutton export demand appears to have recovered significantly this year. Despite higher lamb prices, and a stronger Australian dollar, lamb exports to the US and mutton exports to major markets all made very strong year-on-year gains. June lamb exports were well ahead of last year in total, and this should come as no […]