Live exports boosted by Muslim festival of sacrifice

Indonesian Eid Al Adha

Australian exports of live cattle appear to be back on track, with monthly volumes suddenly rocketing up above 10-year average levels. However, is the sudden uplift transitory, or permanent? And what impact will COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and a curtailed religious festival in Indonesia have on ongoing demand? June 2021 saw Australian exports of live cattle […]

Sheep shopping from west to east eases

sheep in a field

Sheep have been headed across the Nullarbor in record numbers since the rain started to fall on the east coast early in 2020, but the trucks are starting to slow. About 2.3 million sheep have been transferred from Western Australia to the east coast since the beginning of last year as producers scrambled to rebuild […]

Westralians foresee canola’s good oil

Canola field

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resources Economics and Sciences (ABARES) June Crop Report made some minor changes to production forecasts for the coming winter crop. The planting mix has changed from last year however, and with Canola producers set for a record income year if prices hold. A strong cropping year and expensive livestock […]