FSR skewed by price and supply

Cows WA

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have released their quarterly data for March to June, and it may have us rethinking our traditional herd rebuild indicators. The female slaughter ratio (FSR) climbed back to year-ago levels in the June quarter, but actual slaughter figures have dropped even further again. The FSR rose to 48% from […]

The New Zealand Merino Clip

Merino sheep NZ

This article follows on from recent articles looking at the Argentine and South African Merino clips, by taking a close look at the New Zealand Merino clip. The New Zealand Merino clip is only a small component of the overall Kiwi wool clip but is of importance in this world of reduced Merino supply and […]

Adding lambs and restricting processing not a good combination

lamb on grass

We have to wait for the official slaughter numbers these days, and with quarterly reporting, it’s a bit hard to marry them up with our monthly data. However, there is some good analysis to come out of the official figures, and for lamb at least, it looks like forecasts are going to have to be […]