Restockers, Feeders, Processors and the EYCI

Cattle saleyards

Today we continue to lift the bonnet and look at what makes the Eastern States Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) tick, and take a look at how particular buyer groups are influencing the average price of young cattle. Not surprisingly, Restockers are prominent in the mix, paying an average price well above that of the rest […]

Kicking good prices down the road

Grain silos art

Grain growers who follow a strategy of making forward and futures sales in our autumn, when prices are usually at their best, are a likely a little out of the money on wheat, and way out of the money on canola by now. If there isn’t enough confidence to sell more for 21-22, it might […]

Supply and price in apparel fibres


The challenge when looking at commodity prices is to identify and then disentangle quantifiable effects, such as a trend in supply or changes in other correlated commodities. This article takes a look at the relationship between changes in apparel fibre prices and supply during the past decade. Commentary on the wool market is often made […]