Argentina extends beef export limits

Linears cattle market, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina has announced that it is extending its restrictions on the export of beef until the end of October, in an attempt to keep a lid on domestic beef prices, which increased over 65% in the country since mid-2020. This will continue to constrain global beef supply, and support export prices. In May 2021, Argentina […]

AWTA volume update

Wool bales in a shed

The AWTA provides monthly volume data which captures most of the wool produced and sold in Australia, thereby providing an excellent measure of production. This article looks at the latest AWTA wool volume data to August. As in previous articles Mecardo needs to mention the source of the data used in this article and its […]

90CL keeps pace as US looks for more beef

Beef cattle eat grain-based rations at a ranch

All eyes have been on the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator’s record run in recent weeks – well for the entire year actually. It closed off last week at a new high of 1028ȼ/kg, which was 32% higher year-on-year – exciting news for producers with cattle ready to turn off, slightly nerve-wracking for those still a […]

Export demand helps explain counter-seasonal price strength

Restaurant in the USA

The counter-seasonal strength in lamb markets has been perplexing. Normally at this time of year lamb prices are on the decline as supplies improve, but last week they hit a new record. Here we go looking for the source of the out of season price support. We know that price movements are driven by either […]