Micron supply and price


Change in supply does not explain all of the changes seen in micron premiums and discounts, but it does explain a lot of it. The interesting thing about that is we have good data on supply therefore we have a good view on the key driver of the micron price curve. This article takes a […]

Wheat under the hammer (and sickle)

Novorossiysk Grain Terminal

In 20 short years, Russia has grown from a food insecure, net importer to the world’s largest, and arguably, most important wheat producing nation. The opening up of the Soviet Union presented to the world an opportunity to invest in a relatively undeveloped agricultural sector and start afresh. In the past eight years, Russian wheat […]

Restockers buck the trend

Sheep and lamb in yard

Lamb prices seem to be ignoring usual seasonal dynamics, proving demand isn’t wavering. Despite higher lamb yardings and slaughter in August compared to the same time last year, most indicator prices kicked higher, and none more so than the Restocker lamb indicator. Spring is shaping up nicely in many parts of the south, and with […]