Tight supply, and red hot demand

Cattle in a field

Another strong week on the cattle markets, with the Eastern States young cattle Indicator (EYCI) advancing towards record territory again, with signs of generally tightening supply providing support to prices, while demand for young cattle seems to be red hot at the moment. Yardings and slaughter both contracted last week, indicating increasingly tight supply on […]

Supply slipping behind

Sheep & lambs in a paddock

Lamb prices ended the week lower in most states. It does seem that supply is driving the price moves, with last week’s price improvements on the back of a sharp drop in yardings, and early reports suggesting bigger numbers of young lambs finding their way to Victorian yards this week. For the week ending the […]

Small loss but positive signs

It was a cautious market from the open, with buyers reluctant to support the levels of last week. The positive note for the week was the stronger bidding on the final day, especially for 19.5 and coarser wool. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) fell just 9ȼ to 1,352ȼ. The Australian dollar was steady at US$0.73, […]