Falling for you

Australian wheat farm

As farmers pick up the harvest pace (finally) they are having to contend with longer queue’s and longer waiting times. All because of falling numbers. Nearly every load in SE Australia is being checked for visible signs of sprouting and being given the definitive test of ‘falling numbers’. Milling wheat must have a minimum FN […]

Tracking lamb slaughter

It’s been a funny season for lamb supply and those with “steaks” in the supply chain have had to manage the ups and downs. While processors are usually well equipped to manage the seasonal nature of lamb supply, a delayed southern flush and some volatile spring supply, along with difficulty securing labour have tested operations. […]

When is this supply glut coming?

Sheep in paddock with farmer in distance

It’s a question that comes up every spring, when will the lamb supply glut come? Lamb producers, especially in the south are perpetually trying to balance paddock feed supplies, lamb weight and price to maximise their returns. There is good news for producers, but they still need to be wary. Spring lamb slaughter has been […]

What the US herd has to do with us

Cattle in the USA

Making long term projections is always fraught with danger, as there is so much which can change over a season, let along ten years. Regardless, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) like to throw a few darts, and they have made some herd and production estimates for the US which are relatively bullish for […]