Quality key to demand for bumper sorghum harvest


Australian sorghum production is expected to reach the highest levels in over five years, both on increased acreage and higher yields. Today we take a look at how prices are evolving, and how they compare to prior seasons as well as the demand outlook from our main customer, China. The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and […]

Short staple fine merino micron premiums

Shearing merino sheep

Every price cycle in the greasy wool market has some peculiar attributes, and in the current market it is the strength of fine micron premiums for cardings which stands out. Cardings make up a small proportion of the gross value of wool clips, and as such do not warrant a great deal of attention. Despite […]

How far to fall depends on export prices


Last week we looked at Meat & Livestock Australia’s herd and slaughter projections, with the herd rebuild leading to stronger supplies starting this year. The question then turns to price, and we can look at some simple models which at least tell us where prices will sit relative to international benchmarks. When a commodity is […]