Aussie red meat yet to feel China’s cold shoulder

Image of shipping containers at sea

While it’s rare to look into any red meat export focused topic without at least a passing mention of China, it tends to be in a piece-meal fashion. Australia will soon go to the polls for a federal election, and it seems both options for Prime Minister are keen to show they aren’t happy with […]

Evolving seasonal patterns – 21 micron indicator

Wool bales in a shed

Seasonal price patterns can be useful when making a decision to hold wool back from sale or to push it into sale, but they are not stable, nor strong enough to base such a decision entirely upon. Mecardo takes a look at the 21 micron seasonal price pattern in this article. Mecardo last looked at […]

How long can strong feeders last

Cattle on feed

The feeder cattle market looks to have peaked, but remains at extremely strong levels. A subscriber enquired recently as to whether there is more upside, and when and how far prices will recede when they finally come off. Here we take a look at the possibilities. This time last year when feeder prices were sitting […]