Processing bottleneck showing in demand


For a number of years, we have been talking about strengthening demand for lamb, with year on year increases in saleyard prices rising even when slaughter was higher. The first quarter of 2022 has seen weakening demand for the first time, but it’s not at the consumer end. Drifting is a word we could use […]

US winter wheat rated derelict

Dry field

The latest USDA US crop condition report has revealed that the US winter wheat crop may be in worse condition than the trade has been expecting. With the market already volatile, this latest crop report has the potential to send wheat markets substantially higher if conditions play out for it to be fully priced in. […]

Slaughter numbers remain low

Sheep flock

Seasonal conditions have been generally good in most sheep regions, almost too good in some regions since Mecardo last looked at the sheep and lamb offtake in December. Numbers without context are blather. By comparing the sheep and lamb sales to abattoirs to the flock size and what that has meant historically helps to show […]

Record global food prices


It won’t come as a surprise to readers that most agricultural commodities have increased in $ value both here in Australia and internationally over the past two years, driven up by low supply, Covid-19 impacts across the globe, followed by a surge in freight and shipping costs and finally by the Russian war on Ukraine. […]