Cotton and wool price ratio

Cotton bales

Cotton prices are having a stellar run, ignoring logistic issues, war and rising interest rates with the likely knock on effect of lower economic growth. This article takes a look at the cotton price and the ratio of 21 micron to it. In April Mecardo looked at the rolling 5 year price rankings for apparel […]

Low FSR points to rebuild still in progress


The official numbers on Australian cattle slaughter are in for Q1-2022, and the result is that the female slaughter ratio (FSR) has fallen again for the quarter to 42.1%. This indicates that females are still being retained at a historically high level, and the herd rebuild continues to have strong impetus behind it earlier this […]

First quarter lamb slaughter manages to match last year

The quarterly Livestock Products data was released by the Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS) last Friday, and as always, it was much anticipated. There were a few surprises in the data, and as always, they have implications for lamb supply over the coming months. The slow start to the year in terms of lamb slaughter […]