Demand dry in the hay market

round hay bales

Feed demand and hence prices can be looked at as a solid indicator of pastoral conditions, producer intentions, and of course availability. QLD hay prices have retained relative strength on the back of robust feedlot demand, but prices in the rest of the country will remain soft until we see a significant change in seasonal […]

International sheep meat supply and lamb price

Penned lambs in Victoria

Some three-quarters of Australian sheep meat by volume is exported, so prices for mutton and lamb are heavily influenced by overseas markets. In this article, Mecardo refreshes the data on international supply and the Australian price of lamb to see if past correlations continue. In previous articles, Mecardo has shown that fluctuations in the Australian […]

Energy costs for cattle & sheep processing.

Carcase in meatworks hanging

The energy crisis hitting Australia has caused a great deal of speculation about the impact of price rises upon the Aussie manufacturing sector, particularly meat processing. Today we break it down into a cost per steer and lamb. Concerns have been raised about how this huge paradigm shift in input costs will impact Australia’s red […]