Ukrainian minesweeper deal and WASDE weigh on wheat

The USDA released a new WASDE report this week, and it surprised the wheat market somewhat, but the market’s focus remains on both weather developments, recessionary concerns and changes in the Ukrainian export situation. The July WASDE release that was put out this week and US wheat production estimates were pitched 1.2 billion bushels higher, […]

Looking for EYCI support

Cattle in yards

The dramatic fall in the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) in recent weeks has taken the market by surprise. July is normally a time of rising prices, but a few left field influences seem to have taken the sting out the market. So where is the support going to be found. The slide in the […]

Export buoyant, but flock still on the decline in NZ

Mecardo’s look into international sheep meat supply and lamb price last week showed that the domestic flocks of some of Australia’s export markets are playing a role in the fortunes of the sheep trade, and it is not solely Anzac dictated as we may have once thought. The fact remains, however, that New Zealand is […]

Merino sales in 2021-22

Merino sheep in yards walking through gate

Change in supply is a big driver in the change in relative price within the greasy wool market. Change in demand certainly plays a role in terms of the cycles of economic growth but these tend to be longer, multiyear cycles. Wool supply is sensitive to seasonal conditions which can change year to year. With […]