South Korea loading up and paying up for Aussie beef

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Australian beef exports to South Korea for August 2022 have hit the highest monthly volume recorded since November 2016. Part of this is due to a relaxation of import tariffs, but price premiums for key cuts over our main competitor, the US, have also been shown encouraging trends which predate this period, and may be […]

Production forecasts on the rise

It is usually better to be too wet rather than too dry, and the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) has recognised the season in its’ September Crop report. Unless something goes drastically awry, there will be no shortage of grain this year. We know from previous crop reports that the […]

Goat market mellows on back of slaughter surge

This week will see the re-opening of the Bourke, NSW, goat processing facility now under the ownership of Thomas Foods International. The plant aims to process up to 3000 head of small stock a day by the end of the year, with this primarily being goats. TFI has said consistent good seasons, and a move […]

Carding and combing prices

The difference in price between carding and combing length wool prices historically has been useful in flagging periods of minimal downside risk for combing wool (longer staple length) prices. This article takes a look at the current difference in combing and carding wool prices. Back in September 2020 Mecardo looked at the difference in price […]