Live sheep trade remains lacklustre

Workers standing on the port with live cattle export ship

The possible banning of the live sheep export trade, an election promise from the current government, has been making plenty of political headlines. But from an industry point of view, it’s been a while since we looked at how live export numbers are faring on the back of that announcement last year. The trade got […]

Canola pricing itself out of area?

Overhead image of canola field in bloom

You don’t have to be following markets too closely to know that canola prices have tanked in recent weeks. After falling heavily, canola had a little bounce last week, but it remains well below harvest levels. Here we look at the spot and forward pricing, and the impact they might have on sowing intentions. We’re […]

Record prices and great margins coming to an end?

Cattle in field

The Agriculture Victoria Livestock Farm Monitor Project (LFMP) provides an annual snapshot of Victorian cattle, lamb, and wool farmers’ performance for the financial year. This year’s report, released in February, showed that in some areas, record cattle prices were offset by record costs. The LFMP is a benchmarking report that goes through the financials of […]

Rainfall, sheep offtake and changes in the flock

Overall, eastern Australia has come off the back of three consecutive good springs and it is entirely likely that the spring in 2023 will not be as good. This scenario is based simply on historical rainfall data. With this in mind, we investigate what this means for sheep offtake and changes in flock size and […]