Getting good prices while avoiding volatility

Pouring of grain from above

Grain and oilseed markets are showing some good old-fashioned spring (in the northern hemisphere) volatility. We know that springtime dryness can grow into real production cuts, so pricing short-term is fraught. It does open the option to kick the can down the road. Chicago Soft Red Wheat (SRW) Futures have been strong in the last […]

Mutton market still out of step

The mutton market has held fairly steady throughout the autumn, but it hasn’t experienced the same rebound as lamb in recent weeks. The national mutton indicator currently sits at 270c/kg, and last week’s rolling average was about 45% lower year-on-year. With the first frost for many sheep producers just around the corner, signifying the winter […]

Crossbred wool update: volume, price and value

In November Mecardo looked at crossbred wool volumes, price and gross sale value which showed an increased volume of wool sold at auction accompanied by a lower price. This article refreshes the data to see how the crossbred market is travelling. Earlier Mecardo articles in July 2022 (read here) and June 2021 (read here) noted […]

A good time to trade cattle?

Angus Cattle

While much of NSW and Southern Queensland has received above-average rainfall in April, some key cattle areas in Western Victoria, South Australia and WA have missed out. The market is treading water, and there might be a trading opportunity on the cards. A look at the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) and the National Feeder […]