Cow trend kicks up in winter

Producers in many areas are eagerly awaiting rain predicted for this coming weekend, as a dry autumn starts to bite into feed on hand. The winter chill has already started to make things tough for some, and they could be looking to cull older or non-performing stock to lighten the feed out load for coming […]

What are we putting in the budget for lamb?

It’s tax planning and budget time. A question we get every year is ‘what should I put in the budget for lambs? It’s not quite opaque as ‘how long is a piece of string?’, as we do have some fundamental information to use to have a crack. Trying to forecast a range for spring and […]

Vicuna, cashmere and wool prices

After exploring alpaca fibre prices in last week’s article, and with 2024 heralded as the Year of the Camelid, we now shift our focus to the prestigious fibre of the Vicuna, the Queen of the Andes. In January Mecardo looked at wool volumes on the very fine edge of the Australian merino distribution, noting that […]

What does the frost in the Black Sea have to do with me?

What does frost in Russia have to do with the price of wheat in Dooen? Quite a bit. Of all the commodity markets Australian farmers deal in, it is grain which reacts the quickest to global supply and demand shifts. Regular readers will know that there have been some production issues in Russia and Ukraine, […]